VR SEX announce new single and album ‘Hard Copy’


Following 2022’s Rough Dimension, VR SEX are releasing a 10 track psychedelic punk album on 22nd March via Dais Records.

The band are sharing the first single from the record Real Doll Time“.

“Real Doll Time”on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0BRMuKGqF4
“Real Doll Time”on other streaming services:https://found.ee/HardCopy

Initially a project of Noel Skum aka Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty, VR SEX became a fully collaborative five-piece band. The album is dense and rich, Chrome sound inspired, oscillating between ripped leather riffing and space echo meltdowns and banning plug-ins, with most instruments tracked direct into the board, then guitars added via a daisy chain of amplifiers, panned and mixed and matched. Lyrically, the record revisits the project’s fascinations: twisted lust, cheap thrills, dirty money, doomed delinquents, and ruined romance amid the creeps and cracked dreamers of gritty city voids. The title refers to the uncanny valley between “facsimile and the real thing, and the illusion that one is better than the other – when both come with their own menu of delights and demonic pleasures. Hard Copy embraces extremes and outliers, delusion and perversion, the conflicted dimensional depths lurking in every exploded heart: “I can be ugly / I can be strong / I can be proper / I can be wrong / I can be lovely / or I can be gone / the thing that will haunt you is still hanging on.”

Find Hard Copy here.

Featured photo credit: Anders Larsson