Lady Amaranth – The Goth Icon


1. Dear Lady Amarath, first of all thank you for joining us here at Altvenger and taking time out of your busy schedule to chat a bit. Most of our readers are well acquainted with your modelling work, since you are one of the first, if not the very first Gothic model. In what ways do you think Gothic/Alternative modelling has changed since you started and how do you think you have changed since then?
I’m not sure if it would be the modelling that has changed me so much as the general passing of time. I’m older, more rubenesque and care a lot less about things (which I realise now never really mattered) than when I started, but that loss of youth and fevour has been gladly been made in exchange for wisdom and knowledge.

alchemy-raven3 celestial-fae photo credits:

1. Rabenschadel:

Photography, editing, styling: Lady Amaranth
Necklace by Alchemy Gothic
Headpiece by Hysteria Machine

2. Celestial Fae:

Shot for Fae Magazine
Photography, MUA & Styling by Lady Amaranth
Headdress by Faerie Tale Gothic
Jewellery by Kelly Potts Martinez

As for the change in the alternative modelling “industry” itself – it’s just a lot easier to get into owing to the cost and accessibility of the digital medium. The quality of some of the images produced is really outstanding, but on the flip side there’s a larger pool of the mediocre. But what I always loved about this craft is that anyone can do it, and if you are enjoying it and creating the images you dream of, then that is a wonderful thing no matter how someone else views your creations. (Having other people love and follow your work is a bonus but should never be the end goal).

shellcrown3 bluemonday2photo credits:

3. Feeling Blue

Photography Lady Amaranth
Necklace by Alchemy
Corset by Corset Story

4. Queen of The Deep

Photography, MUA & Styling by Lady Amaranth
Headdress by Faerie Tale Gothic



2. What some of our readers may not know is that you are also an active writer. Please tell us more about this. Where can your fans follow your written materials?
I’ve always loved words. They are such beautiful things, especially when I discover the weird and wonderful words that, by simple juxtaposition, can encompass a whole story… an apostrophic coprolalia catachresis, as it were. Aphorisms too, terse but poignant statements that really make you think. Actually my favourite word though is “level” the palindromic simplicity and visual construct of the letters forming a dip in the middle bounded by two straight lines suggesting it’s not quite level after all. But it means much more, on many levels – if you pardon the pun. Sorry, what was the question? Oh yes…
I do write, some can be found in magazines, some can be found in books, some can be found on the internet, some can only be found in boxes under my bed. The best place to read what I write is (as I would rather not find you under my bed).


photo credit:

5. Dragonfae

Photography, MUA & Styling by Lady Amaranth
Headdress by Faerie Tale Gothic



3. What is the main inspiration or general subject of your writings?
These days I write mostly about alternative fashion as that tends to be what I’m either commissioned to do or it supports my desire to provide exposure to the gothic creative cottage industry and other companies and people I admire. Sometimes I get incensed and set about indignantly expressing my opinion on a one woman crusade. But nowadays I see the futility in more, so when my typing fingers start to itch in that direction, I go have a little lie down until it goes away. As for poetry, life’s become too real for that anymore, so that’s pretty much relegated to my teens.
4. You are a treasured part of our wonderful subculture and can be seen at most Gothic festivals and events. We know you collaborated with M’era Luna this year, so how was this year’s experience for you?
Well you can read all about it on the Alchemy Blog. But the short answer is, wonderful but far too hot! (ps. I think the word you wanted there is not “treasure” but “relic” 😉

5. When it comes to Gothic music genres, which are your favourites? And it is not a secret that you have your own musician at home. 😉 Would you tell us something more about your husband’s band?
My favourite genre of goth is actually the 90s and my husband’s main band, Pretentious, Moi? is very much of that type of sound and (without any hint of bias) is one of my favourite bands :). It’s trad goth, with a dancy edge and a big sound due to having three guitars, with members including some of the best known musicians from the contemporary UK gothic scene. He is also a long standing member of Manuskript, Sins of the Flesh (who are still active) and Autumn of North. So where I lack in any form of musical talent – he more than makes up for it!

genie3 spider-queen3photo credits:

6. Djinn

Photography: ethiriel photography
Headdress: Faerie Tale Gothic

7. The Spider Queen

Photography by Scott Chalmers
Top by
Necklace by Artwith Latex



6. Your work goes beyond just a mere product or fashion photography, you work with designers and photographers on conceptual work as well and by going through your portfolio we can find quite a lot of such artwork. Where does the inspiration for these photo shoots and artwork come from? Can you describe the process itself, starting from the idea to the execution?
I began creating these photoshoots years ago, in the 80s in fact. When I was young and the world didn’t need to be real. When I was appallingly forced to grow up I found solace in the sublime, the surreal and the velvet touch in the foreboding night. I’m really just realising what’s in my head – the world I love in…. wish to live in… in the 2d.

7. As a person who is greatly aesthetically oriented, you did not just stop at being the main subject of someone else’s artwork; you wanted to explore more of that creative aspect yourself. How did you start your own photography?
Out of frustration actually. I don’t see myself as a photographer any more than I see myself as a model, a makeup artist, a stylist… I just have these visions that are screaming to be let out, that I have to escape behind, and I couldn’t always find the right people to collaborate with to make those dreams a reality. Plus I tend to be quite an independent person and found having to channel such an important part of myself through certain people who just didn’t seem to be in tune with me, very… well… frustrating. So I decided to do it myself.
I can’t say I’m that amazing at it yet and still love the creative partners I choose to continue working with and new ones I discover – but it’s not been as difficult for me as I expected it to be.

christmas butterflies2photo credits:

8. The Butterfly Queen

Photography by Lady Amaranth
Butterfly Crown by Hysteria Machine

9. Yule Fairy

Photography, editing, styling: Lady Amaranth
Headdress: Faerie Tale Gothic
Corset: Jemcorsets



8. Along with your own growing passion for doing very creative self-portraits, you have also excellent skills in photo editing with tendencies towards digital art. Can we expect more of this kind of work from you in the future?
Most likely! While my initial editing ability grew from fixing makeup smudges, lighting errors and other perceived imperfections – I do so admire the amazing digital art of people I know and follow – I hope one day I can sit among them! Especially as I’ve now moved out of London and hope to become more the countryside hermit I was most likely meant to be (we have an apple tree and I now bake!… although still trying to figure out how to make cider 😉 So my moments alone and in my creative space will only grow, and hopefully my skill will grow with that. Although perhaps you’ll start seeing me play more Crone parts rather than Maiden… who knows, maybe even Mother… although not sure the world is ready for my spawn yet 😉

winter-fae2 faerie_talephoto credits:

10. Winter Fae

Shot for Fae Magazine
Photography, MUA & Styling by Lady Amaranth
Headdress by Faerie Tale Gothic
Jewellery by Kelly Potts Martinez

11. Autumn Faerie Tale

Styling By Lady Amaranth/Photo by Tim Chandler
Crown by Faerie Tale Gothic




9. For those who don’t know, self-portraits are quite a hard thing to do, especially if they are not just merely an image of yourself, but creative shots, so how hard do you find doing them and how much do you like the whole process from the idea and preparing to the final touch in editing?
Yes, As you are aware they are really difficult! And truth be told I do actually prefer working with a photographer who has a similar creative mind-set and goal. But as this isn’t always possible – needs must. I do like working at home though – with my wardrobe and bizarre melange of the miscellaneous to draw upon if I suddenly get a mid-shoot idea. I always find it difficult packing for a shoot when you aren’t in the creative flow as I invariably forget something. The post-process I find a little more enjoyable and is where I am bit by bit developing my craft. Although ultimately, in the end – it is a special kind of satisfaction when you look at a final image and know that from conception, to make-up and styling, to capture, to final edit – it’s all your own art.


photo credit:

12. The Whitby Witch

Photography by Jamie Mahon
Headdress by Hysteria Machine



10. How much has your own experience working with various photographers on shootings influenced or helped your decision to go that path yourself?
Oh they have been so helpful! In fact many of the ones I still work with are super supportive and always on hand to offer advice. I think though more photographers should work in front of the lens too, to know the other side. It really helps knowing both sides, and actually, through this experience, I’ve now become more sympathetic and appreciative of the art and craft of the great photographers I continue to work with.


photo credit:

13. Witchcraft Hysteria

Photography by Viona Art
Accessories by Hysteria Machine



browntower5 antlersphoto credits:

14. Towers and Twigs

Photography by Mark Perry
wings and horns by Hysteria Machine

15. Stag Queen

Photography: Lillian Liu
Headpiece: Hysteria Machine



11. Do you have some other interests that we are not aware of?
I’m a Spinal Tap super fan. Not sure if that counts? *laughs*
I really enjoy website coding and other online tech. While I am fairly well versed in straightforward mark-up language and know ones web from ones spider – the more I learn the more I know I must find out. It’s one thing I’d like to have more time to invest in; coding and programming – especially widening my php, sql and javascript knowledge. I find it all fascinating and love the beauty of the logic and mathematical precision and how those numbers and marks can instruct a process or create a world.
I also love to sleep. A lot.
12. Being a multitalented person, how hard is it for you to find enough time and divide it between your daily tasks and your passions?
Yes. Especially as I like to sleep. And be alone, staring into space, lost in my own thoughts…. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to schedule in being idle when there’s so many things you have to do… but I think it’s one of the most important past-times I have.


photo credits:

16. Photography by Marija Buljeta, shot for The Gothic Shop

17. Featured image by Starkall




13. What would be your advice for girls who look up to you and are considering following in your footsteps?
That path is already trodden. Why sink into the mud of someone else, when you can forge your own through the wilderness? Take from me, take everything if you want, but then make it your own.
And also don’t believe everything you see. I am what I have created, and what you have created – I live only in your head and in mine – I am not real. Accept that fact and then choose to be unreal too – but with the knowledge that even in your amazing surreality, you must accept that the world is harsh and cruel and all too real, and to water your roots to keep that dirt between your toes while your mind is pierced by stars.