Mr Drew’s horror photography


Based in a historical renovated school building in Dundee, Mr Drew Photography has been run by Drew Cunningham since 2010. From food photography to weddings Mr Drew photography has focused on a wide range of services over the years, but Drew’s true love is in the dark realms of horror, supernatural and gory monstrous shoots. 

In his most recent shoot he worked with his favourite model, Natasha Masson. With her eagerness to be challenged by the strangest shoot ideas Natasha ended up being torn apart mid strangulation, crushed in claustrophobic construction torture and drenched in 4ltrs of dye and honey for an arousing cannibalistic blood bath. 

Natasha recalls her experience: “Have you ever been covered in blood and squashed under a pane of glass? I hadn’t until this shoot. I don’t know what goes on in Mr Drew’s head but his imagination is extraordinary. Thankfully I trust him completely and as you can see, the results we got from this shoot are incredible. The shoot began like any other, with a series of outfit changes and tweaks to hair and make up. Mr Drew’s studio is a place like no other, with props and costumes everywhere you look, providing inspiration for many creative projects. My muscles were warmed up very quickly as it was time to get the camera clicking and get to work. I began contorting my body into strange and interesting poses, while Mr Drew exercised that camera-clicking finger trying to keep up with me. My facial muscles had a major workout as it came to the strangulation part of our shoot. The man doing the strangling was clearly a method actor, and did not go easy on me, so the emotions I’m displaying in these images are genuine. Lastly, I lay down on a table and was covered with even more blood. I adore the results from this; they are absolutely terrifying and incredibly beautiful. We had more and more fun as the place got bloodier and bloodier! My body was in agony the following day; which in my opinion is a sign of a successful shoot!”

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