The world of Martha Schuster Photography

For over 15 years, self-taught photographer, Martha Schuster has fashioned an imaginary world of haunting dreamscapes that expose a range of emotion with themes of melancholy and symbolism. Shooting predominately in digital, with minimal post-production, Schuster uses a Canon 5D Mark III, as well as vintage film cameras including a medium format Hasselblad and large format 4×5 Speed Graphic to present her subjects as otherworldly. Inspired by music and poetry, Schuster’s conceptual style is atmospheric, impressionistic and ghostly. With a passion to find the light in the dark corners, Martha Schuster’s mission is to elevate photography to a fine art form.
Martha currently lives and works in Long Beach, California with her husband and two children as a part-time photographer. Her work can be seen on book covers, publications, juried exhibitions, and online. With her eyes wide open and camera in hand, Martha continues to be inspired by the alternative processes of our past, music experiences of today, and explorations into the depths of human emotions.