She Past Away ‎– “Narin Yalnızlık” album review


After “Belirdi Gece” I thought, ok, what can be better than this? A sound that I cannot compare to anything made before, not even back in the old days of dark wave glory, She Past Away managed the impossible, to touch every blood cell in my body and fill it with the extreme joy of discovering this great band.
I thought no, they cannot outdo themselves; can they ever repeat this or even beat this? And I got an answer this year. Yes they can! And again my body and mind were completely overwhelmed by the sound they are creating, the sound for a slightly dark heart like mine, but I am surely not alone. If you have not discovered them yet, I strongly recommend this album, as I believe it cannot be done by anyone but She Past Away. The sound itself is so powerful and emotionally strong that I don’t even care that all of the lyrics are in Turkish, I simply have to submit to the stream and the WAVES of melodies and let myself be carried away, and even forget about my being, surrendering to something greater than myself, the merciless beauty of She Past Away.

R-7043167-1432388965-5533.jpegThe album consists of 11 tracks, and I am afraid I can’t even choose the winner among them; every song is a call to the soul of the irreparable melancholic such as myself. But even if you are not, there are some great dark dancy moments on this album that will make you want to shake your body on some obscure dance floor in a dim atmosphere.
As synth sounds flow with the guitar that are literally forming dark waves you can float on, you may only be woken from this wonderful dream by the sound of Volkan Caner’s deep voice.
Influences can be heard, but no, I am not comparing them with The Cure, Sisters of Mercy or Clan of Xymox, as this sound is totally fresh and updated. They have a great sense for forming brilliant melody and rhythm, so it is a real dance album that you will enjoy listening to at home. There are many songs that can be referred to as dance hits on this album: Soluk, Asimilasyon, Narin Yalnızlık, Katarsis, sometimes giving space for more slow and introspective songs as Uzakta, Hayaller? and Yanimda.
Investigate this band; it is never too late to discover some outstanding music!

Enjoy Asimilasyon!