Big Time Kill: Recovery (Album Review)

Glitch Mode Recordings’ Boston-based dark electro rock duo wowed us all a few years ago with their debut full-length, Shock And Awe. Since then, they’ve kept up a steady onslaught of singles and an EP in 2019, Anxiety. Their latest release, Recovery, is four synth-driven tracks and fifteen intense minutes. The title track is tight and danceable with bandleader Adam Schneider’s vocals pushed to the front around gritty synths. “Cliche” starts out mellow with a Cure-esque guitar riff, but builds quickly into an in-your-face singalong anthem with punk guitars, then drops back down during the verses to great effect. “Dreams” is an electro-funk groove featuring heavily distorted synths and again, massive dynamic range and feel, which is refreshing in this day and age of loudness wars. The last track, “Shallow,” channels more of an artsy post-punk vibe with distorted vocals and a relentlessly catchy chorus with the perfect 80s-inspired lead synth hook.

My only criticism is that I wish fifteen minutes didn’t go by so quickly because I love this album…it has a rawness to it that sets it apart, and the guitar and bass grooves make it rock just as hard as it slaps. Big Time Kill are masters at creating a true melting pot of genres. If, like me, your tastes and influences are a collision of synth nerd meets rivethead guitar god crossed with 70s funk, you’re gonna dig this one. Get it on Bandcamp here.