Actors “It Will Come to You” – album review


The Canadian post-punk act Actors have just released their debut full-lenght album It Will Come to You. Although Actors rely on the post-punk and new-wave influences, their approach to the genres comes with the modern twist, which can be heard right from the start. The opener “L’appel du vide” offers a glance to the past, yet sounds absolutely up to date. This is the sound of the new a1954860995_10millennium which will appeal both to the nostalgic ears and followers of the modern trends. Actors offer delight and enjoyment with their emotional, yet danceable numbers. They leave little for the gloomy hearts; they are here to get you moving! Although melancholic at times, you won’t find many reasons to feel low-spirited. Their melodies are catchy, the upbeat tempo and the synths arrangements intertwine wonderfully with the guitar and bass lines. Jason’s vocal performance is extremely passionate and elaborate; it reminds me of some of the greatest vocalists of the alternative pop and rock acts. After the undeniable album hit “Hit To The Head”, we encounter an absolutely emotional slow dancer “Crosses”, which leaves me breathless every time I hear it; it is hard to imagine the emotional capacity of the song without hearing it. Jason’s vocal interpretation and capacity astound me once more. They quickly bounce back with the smashing “Bury Me”. It Will Come to You will undoubtedly appeal to the fans of pop, alternative and everything in between, and Actors have a clear message; they are here to make you feel and to make you dance, even if they claim “We Don’t Have To Dance”.

The album is available on vinyl, CD or in digital format and it’s released on Artoffact Records.

You can get your copy here: