Am Tierpark – “April Fool’s” EP review


In celebration of founding their own label “Laebel”, Am Tierpark released the “April Fool’s” cover EP on the first of April. The EP covers five classic tracks from various artists and some of them were a real surprise. I was curious to hear some legendary pop/rock tracks in Am Tierpark’s interpretation.

Bowie’s “Cat People” was the first on the EP’s list. I thought Bowie would be a challenging task, but it seems the guys felt quite inspired and transformed this all-time rock anthem into a pop-vibrating experience. The cover version emphasises the recognizable melody and adds a pulsating dancing rhythm. The overall dramatic feel is replaced by a more uplifting and optimistic atmosphere. As a result, we have a dance floor number. I feel the cover track really lives a life of its own, especially with Larsen’s vocal interpretation and I can enjoy both versions for what they are.

Pet Shop Boys were another choice for Am Tierpark. They chose “I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)”. The original song is an 80s pop dance track, so I was interested what their vision would sound like. The cover follows a lot of the original idea. However, they start in an almost trancy manner and the cover sounds like a rather modern version of this 80s hit. Once more, Claus delivers his own vision of the vocal idea, and to be honest, I forgot about Tennant, which means one more mission accomplished.

a0499824333_10Judas Preist’s “Turbo Lover” cover is one more choice for this EP. They really reached deep into the rock pocket with this one. They converted the pure hard rock into almost italo pop! This one you really must hear. No matter how much respect I have for Judas Priest, Am Tierpark guys seem to respect it more. The cover is absolutely outstanding. First-class synth pop cover of the rock anthem. This cover is the EP’s personal favourite of mine.

Another cover proves just how fantastic John and Claus are; Billy Idol’s “Flesh For Fantasy”. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about a cover release since Duran Duran’s “Thank you”. I rarely find so many good covers, but this duo proves that the really great talent for covering other artists’ songs still exists. “Flesh for Fantasy” doesn’t sound this appealing to me in its original version, no matter how much I like Billy. The cover version doesn’t rely solely on the original idea. There’s a lot that Am Tierpark brought to the table when it comes to the whole concept. It sounds more like they were inspired merely by the raw sketch of the song and brought their passion into making this piece. Tough choice between Billy’s and Judas Priest’s cover.

However, there’s one more track; the Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary”. As soon as I heard the first beats, I assumed that their vision was to transform one more rock hit into more cheerful sister pop version, and I was right. The pompous and grandiose The Cult original became a flirtatious, playful disco material; sexy, perky, hi-spirited, frisky and fresh cover of the monumental and glorious 80s rock hit.

I never rate the releases, I believe reviews can be rather subjective. However, this release would get 10/10 from me and both thumbs up! Bravo guys!