Introducing Claus LarseAMTierpark02n would be like pretending that you know nothing about dark music. But we’re quite sure that many of you have never heard Am Tierpark, the synth pop project by the Leather Strip-frontman that is formed with John R. Mirland.

Because of the high amount of covers Claus made it’s obvious that he has a huge passion for 80s music, and so does John! If you are actually wondering what this German word means, well : at the zoo. And it’s not because the two were playing some funny game, but just because the project is born at a German zoo when the two were doing a gig at the K17 in Berlin. They discovered while talking that they share a common passion for synth pop and while the animals were watching, Am Tierpark became a fact!

Pop is the key word and it’s the kind of pop that will break your heart in two. It will be quite difficult not to be touched when hearing tracks like The Shadows Won’t Hide Us Tonight or A Step Too Far. Stories about daily life, situations that make you realize that life is just a flash: a heap of situations someone accidentally has fallen in. But just like all great artists too, both Claus and John transformed them in art. The music is synthetic, a hybrid of everything that is part of the 80s: from Depeche Mode to Pet Shop Boys to the most obscure band that ever landed on a 7”.

Am-Tierpark-1024x605The tracks are danceable (of course as that’s what synth pop does), but in the first place are songs that are made to be listened to. And believe us, you will, as Claus catches your attention from the very first till the last second.

Even if the eighties are heard in every note, the music has a quite contemporary sound and at times (how could it be otherwise?) there’s a slight dose of EBM-beats (The First Stone).

Uncaged is an album you’ll listen to over and over, the more you hear it, the better it gets. Synth pop for people who are in love with music!

Enjoy the video for “A Step too Far”