Am Tierpark – “We’re All The Same” EP review


am-tierpark-we're-all-the-same3Am Tierpark has already released the second EP We’re All The Same since the founding of their own label “Laebel”. The EP consists of four brand new tracks and one remix. John R. Mirland and Claus Larsen are the perfect combination when it comes to creating catchy and melodic neo synt-pop melodies. The title track “We’re All The Same” has the recognizable Am Tierpark sound and you won’t mistake their work for any other synth-pop artist you come across. They combine retro influences with futuristic visions and keep the course of optimism even if they come with a pinch of nostalgia or melancholia. Synth master John combines poppy and catchy melodies with danceable beats and Claus goes the extra mile in expressing his feelings vocally. We can hear Larsen’s softer side while listening to Am Tierpark releases. After the utterly melodic introduction, “Lies” presents more futuristic vision of the genre. The track is more minimalistic, which can equally please Kraftwerk fans and those oriented towards more minimal techno. Nevertheless, it is still a solid synth pop piece that, while it may not become a dance floor hit, will become solid home listening material. The one which presents Am Tierpark in all its glory is undoubtedly “PTLD”. Even though it is yet another slow dancer, the beats are inviting and the chorus makes it a dance floor material. “Stone Cold” makes a step further within the synth pop genre. I feel it is here to widen our horizon and the duo is not afraid to put something a bit different on the table. This up tempo track doesn’t rely on the catchy refrain, but rather creates an icy and ethereal atmosphere. Not an easy task for Claus. However, he did a great job with the song which would otherwise sound great as instrumental as well. “I Can’t Stop (Jockstrap Remix)” closes the EP. The song is equally rich and up lifting in both versions. While the original keeps the retro feel and italo disco like bass line, remix offers a faster version detached from the retro roots and makes it sound more futuristic. This EP is an excellent introduction to the second Am Tierpark full length album “Trashy Luxury” which we await with much joy and anticipation.

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