ARDITI “Imposing Elitism” Album Review


It is not simple to write a review of such a complex album as Imposing Elitism. You can clearly recognize the martial industrial genre which depicts the atmosphere of some past wars with the help of war symbolism stemming from the first half of the 20th century.
What Imposing Elitism offers to the fans of this genre is dark and war inspired yet it has a dignified atmosphere. You can hear all that in the opening track as Arditi go straight to the core. Martial drums and orchestra sequence the theme as a wake up call for what’s to come, another song or something more. You are surely not put to sleep with this rhythmic repetition but wide awake with expectation.
coverHeroic Age introduce a choir and some spoken lyrics filled with symbolism that bring rhythm of its own as an overture to powerful drums that emerge from the dark atmosphere filled with tension and anticipation. The similar feel follows in Templets Heliga Härd with spoken words and a chilling atmosphere but this time orchestrated folk hymn accompanied with female vocals that carry the track to some past times and can easily evoke mental pictures from the first half of the past century. As the tune softens, the lyrical part takes over again with humming drums in the background.
The Order of the Black Sun is both by name and musically a suggestive song, inspired with esotericism and occultism.The Earth Shall Tremble Under the Tramp of Our Feet brings you back again with the wakening percussion that emphasize the feel of power and glory, followed by Sturm Auf Die Zukunft which is rhythmically carried only by speech and repetitive orchestral melody with an occasional beat that resembles the sound of the explosion.
Dawn of a New Mythos focuses on the neoclassical orchestra and martial drums again, intertwining with the chorus, a very powerful track overall, followed by Förfäders Dyger, a much darker, industrial oriented track. Arditi decides to give the listener a closure in Ashes Scattered in a River, giving us a clue of what previously took place and it is an excellent piece for the finale.
Arditi leave a choice to the listener, if they can embrace their work through simply music or they’ll be provoked to “relive” past wars through the implications of martial industrial music.

“Imposing Elitism” Digipak CD 2015, Equilibrium Music


01. Imposing Elitism (05:26)
02. Heroic Age (06:08)
03. Templets Heliga Härd (04:45)
04. Order of the Black Sun (04:32)
05. The Earth Shall Tremble Under the Tramp of our Feet (05:28)
06. Sturm auf die Zukunft (03:10)
07. Dawn of a New Mythos (04:55)
08. Förfäders Dygder (05:44)
09. Ashes Scattered in a River (02:20)

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