As We Die


As We Die was formed on the outskirts of Guadalajara, México in July 2016. The two friends Edwin Köselitz (bass player and backing vocals) and Luis Meneses (voice, synth and programing) have known each other since their childhood. They have always shared mutual interests in “alternative” music genres, such as metal, dark wave, post-punk and alternative rock. They were greatly influenced by the bands like NIN, KMFDM, Christian Death, The Cure, Killing Joke, to name a few. However, creating their own style and sound is of the great importance for this duo.

They are drown towards the dark and atmospheric sound combined with powerful and attractive dance rhythms. Bass and synth lines intertwine with post-punkish and death-rock inspired vocals.

As we die are currently in the process of finishing their first album scheduled for the end of the year. There have recorded 7 track so far. Four songs are already available online. The latest single “Thou our Lord” is available for streaming and free download via

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Instagram: as_we_die