Astari Nite “Midnight Conversations” – album review


PrintDarker-than-night Florida post punkers Astari Nite have brought us another brilliantly ethereal release with Midnight Conversations. The album kicks off with the driving dancefloor beat of  “Sunday Queen” and then lulls us further into darkness with “I Am Nothing,” featuring soulful vocals awash in reverb with a big synth-drenched chorus. “The Witching Hour” could very well be a throwback to the poppier, more guitar-driven post-punk of Echo & The Bunnymen or The Cure. Another standout on the album is the Til Tuesday cover of “Voices Carry” with its synthpop vibes.

While Astari Nite has been described as being timeless, their new material carries a feeling of nostalgia for the Batcave days of the late 80’s, combined with the classic Cleopatra goth roster of the early 90’s. Yet it also sounds fresh and current in its approach, creating a memorable and solid favorite for a new generation of baby bats and New Wavers alike.

Enjoy the video for their single “Unfulfilled Promise”!