Be My Enemy “All That I Love, I Destroy” – album review


In the third blistering cyberpunk collaboration between Cubanate guitarist Phil Barry and electronic musician Keef Baker of Word Made Flesh, the title track is a punch to the sternum with its brutal guitar hook and hypnotic, aggressive refrain. From this, the album marches mercilessly forth with barely a pause. “Wardance” evokes a sort of primal grittiness with its driving bass line, haunting female vocals in the bridge, and raw punk rock chorus. Continuously veering into other subgenera, things grind down a bit in “Disintegrate With Me,” a sludgy industrial metal anthem and then kick back up to cyberpunk with “Cheating Lying, Stealing”, which has a bass line which could have come from any 70s UK punk album. Then there’s the moodiness of “Ray’s Hallucination” with its surreal reverberant vocals and the final raucous blast of “Destroyer” to blast us out of our isolation. Whether you’re a Cubanate fan looking to branch out or a lost soul who wants to know the best Armalyte artists, this album is a hell of a crash course.

Find “All That I Love, I Destroy” here.

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