Beauty In Chaos: Out Of Chaos Comes… (Album Review)

The credits for dark alternative outfit Beauty In Chaos read like a who’s-who of our scene at an exciting point in time when everyone seems to be branching out creatively. On their latest, Out Of Chaos Comes… they bring us a unique blend of trip-hop, darkwave, and gothic rock. The “Rapid Reiteration Edit” of “The Delicate Balance of All Things” features Cinthya Hussey, multi-talented singer and actress (whose wonderful artwork graces the album cover!). She’s also the wife of Wayne Hussey of The Mission, who’s featured on the “Plague Dodger” mix of the same song. Each remix and each track has a totally different feel from the next, from dark to mellow and everything in between…yet it all sounds cohesive and flows so well. “Almost Pure” (The Purest Of The Pure mix) brings us punker-turned-crooner Steven Seibold of Hate Dept. and Standalone on vocals, singing over a hypnotic drum-heavy groove. Pigface/Evil Mothers’ Curse Mackey, who released his first solo album last year, wrote and sang on “A Kind Cruelty,” which was remixed and produced by Tim Palmer (Tears For Fears, The Cure, The Mission among others) and again by shoegaze electronic act Luxury Noise, who built the mix off a guitar riff and a hypnotic dance beat.

And of course, the album wouldn’t be complete without the musical contributions of Beauty In Chaos curator Michael Ciravolo, who’s not only the president of Schecter Guitar Research, but also plays guitar for Human Drama and Gene Loves Jezebel. His multi-layered guitar tracks take on a life of their own, adding a sort of epic, dreamlike quality to the songs. Other contributors include Mark Gemini Thwaite of The Mission, Roger O’ Donnell of The Cure, and legendary producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode)- whose dark noir project Black Needle Noise has been bringing us many different collaborations over the past few years- with a hypnotic, cinematic remix of “Stranger” featuring Holy Wars vocalist Kat Leon.

Michael Ciravolo and Tyler Bates. Photo by Vicente Cordero


This innovative remix collection takes the talents of the Beauty In Chaos project to new levels.



Hear it for yourself on their Bandcamp page. And be sure to keep up with  the Beauty In Chaos website here.

Michael Ciravolo. Photo by Anabel DFlux

Music videos:

“Stranger (Holy Wars-Cruel World Mix)”

“Temple Of Desire (Box Cutter Mix by Tyler Bates)”

“The Delicate Balance (Off-Balance Julian Shah-Taylor Mix Featuring Wayne Hussey)”

“A Kind Cruelty (Sinistrality Mix By Tim Palmer)”


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