Born For Bliss – “Falling Back” EP review


I rarely review EPs. But, if it’s coming from Born For Bliss I am very interested in hearing it after I discovered their last year’s piece of brilliance in the form of the Falling Back To Never album.

The EP was released in October this year and it features “Falling Back” from the aforementioned release. The track needs little words; you simply need to take a listen to this emotional, ethereal, atmospheric masterpiece. You can hear the great arrangements, flawless melody and Frank’s voice, more expressive than ever.


The second track is a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Your Time Is Gonna Come”. Before you get introduced to this one, make sure you listen to the original, if you still haven’t. What was first recorded in 1969 now took on a whole new dimension. I would say it was a daring move to cover that particular song, but the reason is not so surprising. The cover sent some shivers down my spine. I would never imagine it could sound so complete and so original as a cover song. Born For Bliss has kept astonishing me more and more since the last year. How good can it be? I really need to say that I rarely find cover songs sounding better than the original, but here is the perfect example. It’s not just the time that did its work. Born For Bliss is moving in some unpredictable directions with such grace and elegance that Frank Weyzig’s project name is obtaining its true meaning. He is really here to deliver audio bliss. Again, wonderful vocal interpretation.

The Ep presents “Falling Back” Delerium Mix by All Hallows Eve, which creates a somewhat darker atmosphere. You can also find “Dragon” which is included in the Between Living and Dreaming album as an early 4-track demo. This time “Dragon” is presented as an instrumental mix. I was wondering how this one would sound as an instrumental but it works out quite nicely with some great guitar lines. Moonlooper Remix by Tom o’Connell of “Your Time Is Gonna Come” again fits this release perfectly. Frank’s voice is leading the way this time and the instrumental part seems to be built around it. Such arrangement makes the remix really refreshing and take it even further than the original Led Zeppelin idea. But it is still rock, and we all know, rock rocks!