Chris Connelly “The Tide Stripped Bare” – album review


Chris Connelly released his 20th solo album on Armalyte Records in February 2018. Mr. Connelly doesn’t need a special introduction; his great music career and opus speak volumes.

Many of us associate Connelly with Ministry, Pigface, Revolting Cocks, Finitribe, etc. However, Connelly has always been an inspired song writer who explored the possibilities and different angles and approaches to artistic expression.

coverI started listening to the album completely unbiased; I let the music speak to me for itself. The album was written by the multifaceted and undoubtedly exceptional artist. The creative process behind the album was unquestionably well thought out and textured; I found it as complex as Bowie’s work. Although it would be unfair to compare the two amazing artists, the comparison should be received as a great compliment. Without digging deeper into the layers, I felt that the album was delivered with a great ease, as if the author’s intention were to restrain us from thinking about the complexity and to let us enjoy the beauty.

Whether Connelly speaks about real or fictional characters, there’s always a story to tell. Connelly delivers both musical and lyrical content to the listener in the up close and personal manner; I felt invited to the Connelly’s music story telling. To understand the creation fully, one must devote enough time to perceive this album more as a book than the collection of songs. Whether he was shifting from seemingly nonchalant acoustic guitar chords of “Jackietown” to heavy piano chords and orchestrated arrangements on “Ophelia Moment”, he maintained the album’s integrity; it functions as a whole, rather than a compilation. The Tide Stripped Bare is an album of the great capacity, depth and emotions, wonderful melodic harmonies and twists and exceptionally expressive Connelly’s vocal performance.

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