Christine Plays Viola – “Spooky Obsessions” Album review


Spooky Obsessions is the third full length album by Italian darkwave band Christine Plays Viola.

Although we could describe their music as gothic rock, dark-wave, even cold-wave with elements of post punk, this album offers a more dark wave feel than anything. It is exceptionally melodic, darkly painted and atmospheric.

14708211_199175117177176_8324804556967323317_nThey open with the track “Ossessione” in Italian. The track can be described as a song with an attitude and the bold statement expressed by the sound. The post punk elements can be heard, but at the same time, it is experimental and not in any case an easy listening material. By the second track we can apply the term gothic rock, since “Midnight Trauma” is all about that gothic rock vibe. Guitars play an important role, and the vocal is totally in sync with the whole idea of presenting us the dark sound they are devoted to. “Behind a Wicked Mind” plays more with the idea of the ethereal sound, but that changes quickly with the next track. This album is surely not sticking to one idea only. Just as “Nefarious” starts playing, you can feel more of the dark wave. Synth is being more prominent here, but the core idea remains the same. The dark feel lingers throughout the album. They keep the pace with the next one. “Poles Apart” combines the dance tempo with the ethereal feel and incorporates everything said so far. On the second half of the album the band continues expressing the album idea, playing with ambient and ethereal feel and incorporating it into the basic idea of gothic rock and dark wave. Although they come close to cold wave at some moments, they are still a bit warmer than that. Altering between up tempo and slower tracks they keep the dynamic and diversity of the album, so you can hardly guess what comes next. “Slow Sinking In Gloom” is one of the gothic rock anthems of the album you can find on the second half of it. The track is utterly danceable and with a touch of nostalgia for some past glorious times of gothic rock music. However they decide to close the story with another emotional and atmospheric piece “The Last Sacrifice”. If you are up for a journey into the dark ambient soundscapes choose this album and have a great time listening to it!