Code: Red Code – “Abutre” EP review


The new EP from Code:Red Code, freshly released in November 2015 is here for your “electronic” pleasure. It is clearly dark electro, ebm and industrial in its sound, but with a touch of synth pop in it. What makes it harsher is the vocals, which are coloured with anguish, distress, pain, agression and power, showing us a dark side of the human voice or human soul.

Abutre-cover-Artwork-1“Abutre” is overall a great track, with a slower tempo but is still danceable, not depending only on the beat to lead you through it; you can also find a melody that suits this style and paints it even more anguishly and with the vocals being harsh, this makes the perfect simbiosis with the dark feel of the track. “To My Cold and Naive Heart” continues with a similar feel but in a more dancy manner, a track relying greatly on beats and vocals, and the imaginative melody in this case has some surprising twists. Good material to dance to! “Incumbencia” leaves a bit more space for the vocals to lead, that are in this case prominent and are the main focus of the track, even though it really makes a nice combination with the melody that lives with a life of its own. “F.F.F.Y. Tense” starts with a heavy bass and again anguishly painted vocals, and as a slower track, it still delivers a lot of harshness and is indeed the darkest point of the EP, so I must say, it is my favourite. “Cianeto” is the logical sequence on the EP, the general idea is here again and a good choice for the last original track.
There are however 4 remix versions of “Abutre” on the EP, by Alien Nation, Obsidian FX, Toxik Dementia and Blut in Uniform, each of them giving a new dimension to the original track.