n-dperd-v-2016-review-4746-1Italy and dark wave, it always was a perfect duo. Carlo DiSimone and Valeria Buono are pioneers in the genre as they both were involved in Fear Of The Storm, a cult band from the 90s. When this band, that was signed to the famous Energeia label, stopped in 1995, the two decided to start DPERD. Their first material (just a CD-R) was praised in various fanzines, and Regalero Il Mio Tempo was released on My Kingdom Music, a label that mainly deals with the harder stuff. The CD had a lot of success among dark wave fans and now the fifth album is out, that simply is named V.

The title is simple, however the music is complex, because it seems as if Carlo and Valeria are influenced by tons of bands from the dark genre, although they finally have a very distinctive sound.

From the first notes of Frenetika (most songs are sung in Italian) you notice the enchanting voice of Valeria that floats on quite poppy wave guitars. Guitar sounds that seem to come from albums by The Cure, although it is all very original. You always discover something new in the songs. In Aggrappata Al Silenzio, you hear some Xymox guitars, but at the end of the day DPERD will always be DPERD.

A beautiful fifth album that is an outright winner for darkwave fans.