Electrogenic – “Double Exposure” album review


Another electo-pop surprise comes from Milan, Italy this time and their name is Electrogenic. No wonder they chose that particular name, as they are an electro synth pop act very true to the mentioned genre. You can hear from the start that they are very catchy and melody oriented. They show a great sense for both the beat and the melody, as I would not expect less from an Italian project; Italians are proven to be very talented when it comes to music making.

Even though this is their debut album, you don’t have a feeling you are listening to someone’s first album, as they surely have something to say and it is really nicely produced. But then again, we are being introduced here to two professionals, involved with other projects as well, so they are not rookies.


This album offers a lot of uplifting and vibrant tracks, with less of heaviness and melancholy we sometimes meet in synth pop music, but even saying so, there are some more emotional and heavy songs such as “The Deluge”, “Surrender”, “Home Again” or “Grey Miles” that you can find on the second half of the album.

The opening track “Another Day” is, however, the introduction to their sound, that shows you from the start that this band is very melodically oriented, but the second track “Skills” is more electro pop and relaying more on the rhythm with a catchy chorus; danceable indeed, and one of my favourites. Even though female vocals lead the way, they make an excellent vocal duo as well, combining female and male vocals, both equally pleasing. A very similar feeling is present on “Insane”, rhythmic, a bit minimalistic, a real electro treat. One more time we can hear what I feel is one of their great qualities on “The Deluge”, “Surrender” and “Home Again” and that is a very clever combination of female and male vocals; maybe some food for thoughts for the band itself! Being said so, “Surrender” is another highlight of the album for me. “Grey Miles” offers more of the atmosphere and ethereal sound than the rest of the album and they show us they treasure the diversity in their expression as well. I really have high expectations from this duo and wish to hear more from them in the very near future; a new shining star on the electro sky!

Enjoy the video for “Skills”!