Hanzel Und Gretyl “Hexennacht” – album review


Hexennacht, the latest offering from New York’s Hanzel Und Gretyl is the true sound of damnation. Choirs straight from Carl Orff’s worst nightmare, stabbing strings and heavy guitars fill the album with a rich yet uneasy sound: this music cuts straight to your soul then subverts it.

Echos (intentional or not) of Deathstars, KMFDM, Laibach, Lord Of The Lost and even Rammstein bounce around the album without overwhelming it: Hanzel Und Gretyl have their own vibe going and throw their influences into the mix in a myriad of unexpected ways.

The layers of synth, choir and orchestra add depth to the what would otherwise be some pretty standard guitar riffs. Triple Hexxx and Der Keiz3rn8tor rise to the top of this offering as being the most surprising and interesting tracks. Definitely not for every taste but this album will carve a place into the blackest heart of any death metal fan.