Haujobb “Alive” – album review


Haujobb celebrate their 25th anniversary with “Alive” album which was released on 6 April on Metropolis Records. Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic, the duo behind Haujobb, undoubtedly left their mark on the modern electronic music scene. It is impossible to pinpoint their exact genre; the music they make can hardly be labelled. It may be described as a mix of different styles wrapped up in the unique and distinctive Haujobb music expression. The atmospheric frontvibe which made their music sound fluid and ethereal was something I always liked a lot about their sound. Although some songs incorporated drum ‘n’ bass beat into IDM, a lot of Haujobb admirers are either old school EBM fans or those who grew up on techno or ambient music. The duo has always been experimenting with the sound; each of their albums has delivered new ideas and new approaches. Although all of the original recordings are a great material to listen to at home, some of the tracks work amazingly well live. The “Alive” album is a welcome presentation of some of the most outstanding Haujobb songs which the audience enjoys the most during their live shows. The tracks were recorded at recent concerts in Europe. I have seen Haujobb live on numerous occasions and they have never left me cold-hearted. They don’t need theatrics; the band focus more on the musical performance and deliver a very powerful and memorable experience. This amazing “live” compilation included some of my personal hits: “Anti/Matter”, “Renegades Of Noise” (from the outstanding Vertical Theory), “Dream Aid”, “Dead Market” and “The Noise Institute”. Four of the tracks from the brilliant minimalistic Blendwerk found their place on “Alive”. If you haven’t experienced Haujobb live, this album gives you a glimpse into what I consider to be one of the top live electronic music acts. Until I see them again, I will stick to “Alive” on repeat.