Haujobb – “Blendwerk” album review


While some of the listeners may find it hard to accept or understand this album at the very first listening and would need some more time for the release to grow on them, as soon as I heard a couple of tracks on Bandcamp, I bought the hard copy, as I could so easily connect to the overall feel of it.


It is somewhat cold, distant, analytic and precise when it comes to the sound it generally offers. Being minimalistic oriented, relying on the beat and Myer’s voice, they managed to produce a certain feel that plays somewhat with claustrophobia, anguish and distress, and it’s intention is not to make you feel too comfortable. The sound they create will not put you at ease, there are no mellow soundscapes, no floating and flowing melodies; it is raw and rigid. However they did not leave you with nothing to hold on to; on the contrary: if you are willing to accept this, yet another experimental piece of their work, you will find the hidden melodic treasures that seem to assemble and disassemble again, as Haujobb seems to play with that idea when it comes to this release.

They start with “Completion” that is one of their more catchy songs here which comes closest to the synth pop idea in its chorus. “Dark Heart 5” builds slowly around the repetitive piano phrase; they add layers and textures slowly, like strokes of paint on canvas and by the end of it, you get the picture: sound assemblage that disassembles at the very end.

Destroy” is surely my favourite one. They slowly build up the song’s core that at one point emerges and develops to such power, and Myer collaborates vocally so expressively with the sound here, depicting the anguish and distress, giving this one the complete meaning; listen to the lyrics as well! But even after his words: “You destroy me, I am finished!” Haujobb is certainly not finished with you. The trancy and hypnotizing sound continues.

I don’t have to wait too long for the second favourite of mine; it is right after. “Failures” re-connects me with some old ebm vibe here and even being minimalistic again, there’s enough of space and capacity to provide you with a melody well packed. “Information Space” flirts more with the ambient sound and creates their well-recognized soundscapes, but maintaining that heavy feel like the rest of the material.

They continue working as architects on the second half of the album as well, brick by brick, stroke by stroke, they take you to the very core or create the clear picture, giving you a finished thought, not forgetting that what was once built can be disintegrated. Perfection persists! Just listen to that “Perfection” track and you’ll catch a glimpse of it! “Produkt” seems somewhat of a “Destroy” sequel, but in a more nervous manner, and even though they are not here to please many, this album should really be a part of your music collection and is highly recommended.