HIDDEN IN TREETOPS -Lost (Tape Review)

One of the nicest elements of music is its diversity. Nothing is more distressing than music fans who, for whatever reason, are narrow minded. Geert Vandekerkhof is not that kind of guy. Of course, you know him as the frontman of the new wave band Der Klinke or the founder of the minimal electro project Story Off, but he also makes alternative ambient music with Hidden In Treetops.


The music of Hidden In Treetops is completely instrumental and requires more effort than what he does with Der Klinke or Story Off, but once you close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the electronic sound carpet, a beautiful world opens up before your eyes.

Even though this tape release has fourteen tracks, each with a different character, you better listen to it in one go. Call it a voyage through electronic music, a trip through the history of the synthesizer music with Geert as your guide.

In The White Container and Requiem you hear that Chesko is a fan of Jean Michel Jarre. La Mata At Night is more Warp!-like electronics that flirt with Sabres Of Paradise and Aphex Twin. Sometimes it’s danceable, then simply music to dream away on as in the opening song Low (try to find the background of this title!), that overwhelms you with eerie, mesmerizing and heavy synths.

Hidden In Treetops is dark electronics, and another new musical face of Geert Vandekerkhof.