Hidden Place – “Nei Versi di Prévert” 7” release review


After hearing previous Hidden Place releases this one is I must say another brilliant one. You may not know about it, as it is quite a recent one, and released on a white vinyl with absolutely fantastic artwork. It is really the one you just need to add to your vinyl collection. It features two numbers: “Nei versi di Prévert” and the B side is reserved for “Reazione”.


Being electro wave/electro pop oriented with the retro feel present in their sound, icy at times, even minimalistic, Hidden Place remain true to their own expression here. However they are utterly melodic and melancholic at “Nei versi di Prévert” and the track does reveal some of their musical influences that were present in some earlier times, but it’s great to hear this kind of the sound in 2016. They do trade their coldish expression here for a warmer and more emotional one. The synth arrangements here are so atmospheric and Sara’s voice is showing its full emotional capacity, varying from strong to more angelic vocal performance. I would really give five stars to this track! Even though the lyrics are in Italian and hard for me to understand, for non Italian speakers it adds to the mystical and exotic feel this track brings.

After “Nei Versi di Prévert” that really evokes that dreamy feeling, “Reazione” sounds like a wake up call. Great sense for rhythm combined with again magnificent synth arrangements makes this track a bit more poppy, but clinging onto that vintage ingredient that is recognizable on both tracks. This track demonstrates more power than the first one but the dreamy feel persists. Sara’s voice is however more dominant on this one and more contrasty to the overall atmosphere of this number.

Both tracks are really a must for you to discover! The vinyl is limited to 199 copies, so folks, be fast and grab this marvellous and sweet musical candy as you can’t find so many “hidden” treasures around these days. Wonderful work Hidden Place and thank you for sharing with us!