Hocico – “Ofensor” limited 3-CD-set album review


I have indeed meditated for a day if I should write about this album since naturally I knew everyone would. But it is far too good not to say a word about it.
It is not so hard to see the intention or the true nature of Hocico while listening to it. The opening track Déjà-Vu Siniestro sounds like a combat call, filled with expectation, giving us a subtle hint, but nothing about what’s to come is subtle. They leave little space for guessing or speculation.

IMG_0243 IMG_0249As my favourite album of all was Memorias Atras, and I hadn´t put much effort in listening to the guys afterwards, I felt they were caught in the spinning process with more commercial outing. I wondered how this one was going to sound, and I must admit, it exceeded my expectations.
Relentless is just that, as life is truly relentless in all possible ways, not only the one the lyrics suggest. However, Hocico is relentless as well, you’re not going to sleep after this “lullaby” of one, two… because after all it is the devil who’s after you.
Sex Sick is hm…, my favourite track, even though I am a bit tired of Erk talking about sex, but if you want to provoke, I guess you must use provokative material. But this is the track I predict will get a good response on the dancefloor or a gig, as it is just the perfect combo of pace, drive, aggression and sex.

Heart Attack brings me back in time a bit, and I am more than pleased to hear such a track that merges the old and new Hocico, as I am a bit of a nostalgic and old school soul, if you’re up for that, here it is.
After Ofensor that is pure pumping energy, Mind Circus is again one hell of a dance hit, yes hell, as hell it offers, the hell you can enjoy and you almost wish you would end up in hell together with this track on repeat. Devil and demon, being my favourite words I often use myself as an inspiration for my photo work, I enjoy the lyrics to the fullest.

IMG_0246Auf Der Flucht is another master blaster, but I would again have to reflect on the subject of the song as this album goes beyond just audio pleasure. As one can clearly recognize what it is about, reflecting on the recent refugee situation, but anyone who’s ever survived a war can identify, as I am a war child myself, escaping the war just some 20 years later; I can say that only the dead can see the end of war!
After listening to the album, I skipped the remixes cd and went for those bonus tracks that couldn’t fit on the album but I was glad to hear them.
Black Opium, with Hocico stamp all over it is another Hocico classic, that I wasn’t too excited about.
But I was pleasantly surprised with What Are You Doing In My Dream?, as it is what? An indeed dreamy track from Hocico, evoking a feeling of really entering someone’s dream. Yup, I’m in there, thanks.

IMG_0247And Made of Hate, delivers what it should both sound-wise and lyrically, some pure hate experience from Hocico, and if I could put hate into sound and words, they did it right again. Makes me almost want to punch someone.
As I must leave something to the listeners as well, I will let them discover the Invasor, remixes bonus disc for themselves.
Overall, great material, both musically and lyrically as the guys seem to have put much thought and effort into it. The album is more than here just to please our appetites for another Hocico experience or our musical taste buds, it is indeed a real work of art. As I am a visual artist I have to reflect even upon the cover, well even the cover art is the best they had so far, so I have to change my mind, as this has just become my favourite Hocico album.

Tracklisting: „Ofensor“
1. Déjà-Vu Siniestro
2. Relentless
3. Sex Sick
4. Bienvenido A La Maldad
5. El Destello En El Cristal
6. Heart Attack
7. I Will Be Murdered (4 Minutes  of Horror)
8. Ofensor
9. Mind Circus
10. The 5th Circle
11. Auf Der Flucht
12. In the Name of Violence
13. Muerte en Reversa
Tracklisting: „Invasor (Bonus Disc)“
1. Black Opium (Aneto Remix by Heimataerde)
2. Sexsick (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
3. Mind Circus (Darkstaar vs. AJ Afterparty Remix)
4. Black Opium (Flames From Hell by Salem Witch Switch)
5. Heart Attack (Remixed by Jak Syn)
6. Relentless (Elektrosauerkraut  Remix  von  Ost+Front)
7. Black Opium (H.EXEcution by H.exe)
8. Ofensor (Remixed by Powerotik)
9. Sexsick  (Remixed by Twisted Destiny)
10. Heart Attack (Unzyme’s Hyperventilation Shaft Remix)
11. Ofensor (Remixed by Orbitales)
Tracklisting: „Agresor (Ltd Bonus CD)“
1. Black Opium
2. What Are You Doing in My Dream?
3. Made of Hate
Release date: 27 November 2015
Label: Out of Line