Interview: Thorsten Quaeschning & Hoshiko Yamane talk about Tangerine Dream


Thorsten Quaeschning is the current bandleader of Tangerine Dream. He joined the group in 2005. He performs synthesizers and guitar. Born in Berlin in 1977. As a child he practised on violin, the flute and the piano. Before Thorsten joined Tangerine Dream, he worked as a producer for the band ‘Minory’. Afterwards he began to tour with Tangerine Dream, behind the scenes in 2003, before joining them. Each year since the sad death of original bandleader, Edgar Froese, there has been a memorial concert on or around his anniversary of passing. The previous years, these have been held in Germany – Berlin & Hamburg. This year, to coincide with the Tangerine Dream exhibition being held at the Barbican Centre until May 2nd 2020, the small intimate concert was held in London. A few hours ahead of the concert, Thorsten and Hoshiko Yamane kindly took time out to talk with me about upcoming events and projects.


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