John Carpenter “Skeleton” – single review


It’s always good to see how John Carpenter plays his scores. He demonstrates so easily how to create a sinister sound and get a vibe. ‘Skeleton’ is certainly no different to his previous work but with a hint of something else. He has a formula to set the heart race pounding. In some ways this piece of music is simple but so effective. It’s lively and full of zest. It has a jumpy feel to it with a depth of brightness. The use of guitar is to good effect midway through. It’s certainly a foot-tapping piece of musical art, with hints of empathy and melancholy. It’s not going to get criticism from a genuine Carpenter fan. The B-side is a beautiful piano piece, titled ‘Unclean Spirit’. It plays hauntingly and could be set in a number of areas. You can imagine a Victorian time or brought up to the present if you were to enter a derelict building at your peril. If you are going to continue with creating music, this is the way forward for anyone in the business, to still find inspiration and continue to aspire. ‘Unclean Spirit’ has a rather mischievous tone, as if a real spirit has managed to escape and roam about the room. It can send hackles up your spine! Bravo to John Carpenter for two new tracks.

You can preorder them as a limited edition 12″ that comes out on 28 August here.

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