Lederman/De Meyer “Eleven Grinding Songs” – album review


This year Lederman/De Meyer released their debut album Eleven Grinding Songs. However, Jean-Marc Lederman and Jean-Luc De Meyer are no strangers to connoisseurs or electronic music.

Lederman_ De Meyer CD coverWhile Lederman’s recent work sounded rather experimental, this album can be described as electronic pop. However, his “experimental” expression can be heard on the opening track “Atoms In Fury”. The song is minimalistic and atmospheric, which leaves De Meyer plenty of manoeuvring space; his vocal line and peculiar interpretation give the song the raw and unpolished feel. The track builds the tension and anticipation. Contrary to the opening song, the up-tempo track “Back To Nature” has the dance floor potential; it’s catchy, melodic and inviting. After listening to “Flowers And Birds And Bees”, the idea of electronic pop is even more obvious! De Meyer delivers his vocals in a familiar manner; whether he recites or sings, he’s always equally passionate and his lyrics are personal and intimate! “I Wish We Could I Hope We Will” merges the pop and the experimental; the track is complex and layered and stands for everything that makes electronic music great!

A Tribe Of My Own” shares De Meyer’s personal thoughts on alienation from the modern society, the subject many of us can identify with. My favourite track “Tout Me Fait Rire” combines danceable beats with melancholic melody and wraps it in the dark pop expression. They close the album the same way they introduced it; the minimalistic experimental piece “The Revenant” awaits us at the end of this astounding music story by Lederman and De Meyer. Knowing the guys, we can definitely expect more in the near future. Until then, enjoy these eleven impressive tracks, or, how they put it, Eleven Grinding Songs.