Lower Dens: “Escape From Evil” Album Review

Escape From Evil is the third album from Lower Dens, an American indie rock band from Baltimore, USA. It was produced by the band’s lead singer Jana Hunter and Chris Coady and was released in March 2015.

The album is a dreamy voyage for all indie music lovers who perhaps lost hope of hearing a solid indie album since the nineties. This album brings a touch of new millennium mixed with a nostalgic feel of some old 4AD music like Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil or Throwing Muses.
The album starts with two mellow, floating songs, but then comes “To Die in L.A.”, an utterly melodic, swinging, poppy song that can easily be played on a dance floor, with a very catchy chorus. However, the lyrics leave the main focus on the melody.

On the contrary, “I am the Earth” is a heavy and thoughtful song in every way, both lyrically and musically, and it surely deserves more than one listening. It provokes deeper thoughts and feelings about oneself and life and can leave you with the sense of heaviness that the world inside and around us brings. I consider the song to be the core of the general feel of the album.”Non Grata” is yet another song to dance to, but is a bit gloomier than “Company” that has a surprising twist from quite an innocent intro to the musically and vocally powerful chorus.

The album ends with another true indie hit “Societe Anonyme”, which is again mellow and dreamy, but in faster tempo, bringing back nice memories of the indie music era that brought us music I did not think I was going to hear again, but this album proves it can be heard in all its beauty again in 2015.