Lucifer’s Dream – “Remember” EP review


a2285962308_10Getting to hear this new synthpop duo from Amsterdam was a nice and refreshing experience. They came together just a year ago and recently, this month in fact, released their first EP under the name “Remember”. I guess it is in a way symbolic as this fresh duo should be followed and the tracks remembered. Zidonian X is in charge of composing, delivering the sound and producing, and is doing a great job at it, taking you to the happy fairy land, or as they state “to an unknown place full of mystery and love “. And they could have not described it better. Giek, being in charge of song writing and singing is delivering the idea of what they are about, dreamy pop. Even though their influences vary from some harsher sound of electronic music all the way to some indie or shoegaze names, they found the balance to make their work sound as interesting and fresh as it is.

Their EP features 4 tracks: “Remember”, “In the Night”, “Elixir of Isis” and “The Way”. Pay attention to “Remember” and “Elixir of Isis” which show the full capacity of Lucifer’s Dream; they can sound dreamy and melancholic or optimistic and dancy. Both of the tracks already have accompanying videos. Taste and enjoy this new synth treasure!