After the great success of the desert album “A Fistful Of Desert Blues”, Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove meet the nihilist folk of Spiritual Front. “Twin Horses” is the encounter between two intense musical souls.



1. Death Is Hanging Over Me 2. Unholy Ghosts 3. Rising Moon 4. Put You Down 5. Hotel California (Eagles Cover)



Opening with “Death is Hanging Over me” we can hear Lydia and Cypress Grove singing together, merging their vocals into one, Lydia’s just a bit harsher, giving it a real death feeling to the otherwise melancholic, soothing feel of acoustic guitar.

“Unholy Ghosts”, a more dramatic song, brings gloomy atmosphere and almost creepy voice of Lydia can really give you some goose bumps, but if you are into this kind of “gloomy” and almost macabre sound, you will surely enjoy it.

Third song “Rising Moon”, same slow tempo, but a different feel to it. Hearing it for the first time I could almost smell Whiskey and cigars. This duo can really provoke mental pics with their sound and general feel. Same goes for “Put You Down” that can be described as more blues, but the real surprise comes with Eagles cover “Hotel California” that I dare say is even more to my liking than the original, and only Lydia can pull this off so well, to give a new dimension to the song and give it a hole new meaning, again choosing the blues style.

On the other side there is an inspired Spiritual Front that does not settle but goes beyond the soul of “suicide pop” to give us it’s new acoustic soul.




6. Buried Friend 7. My Love Won’t Fade 8. My Name Is Written In The Ashes Of Mourania 9. Dear Lucifer 10. L.O.V.E. (W.A.S.P. cover)



Spiritual Front opens with “Buried Friend”, personally my favourite, elegant and melodic ballad with Simone’s flawless vocals and nice touch of trumpets that send me somewhere between Mediterranean and Mexico. Even though there is nothing dark or gloomy about this song, it evokes the feels of nostalgia though.

“My love won’t fade” is a more poppy song lifted up by female back vocals in chorus and more joyful. But followed by “My Name Is Written In The Ashes Of Mourania” the whole feel changes as it is slower in tempo, more acoustic and carried out mostly by Simone’s voice. “Dear Lucifer” is characterized by powerful beat and a chorus you can easily remember and follow, a formula to a hit. The last song is a folk version of W.A.S.P.’s “L.O.V.E. Machine”.

Enjoy “Buried Friend”, as we surely do!