Meta Meat – “Metameat” album review


In these dark days where mutual respect is often replaced by spreading fear and hatred against the unknown, this self-titled album of Meta Meat is kind of the soundtrack to these fast-changing times. How accurate this album is!

metameatPhil Von (Co-leader of Von Magnet) and Some Kilos (half of 2 kilos & more and drummer for Von Magnet) worked together on this mutual project called Meta Meat on the labels Ant-Zen and Audiotrauma. Not surprisingly, it sounds a lot like Von Magnet (founded in 1985 in London) with some more repetitive electronic influences.

The ten tracks on this album vary intensively from harsh and fierce ethnic tribal beats to trance-like dark ambient soundscapes. The music shows us the beauty of different cultures coming together in experimental, programmed electronic industrial beats, versus traditional, physical man-made ethnic tribal percussion which takes you on a cinematic-like journey. The album cover shows two naked men facing towards darkness holding a fragile glass sculpture, showing both strength and vulnerability, which matches the music exactly. Light versus dark, warm versus cold, unleashed raw energy versus ritual peace. This is an intense album in all perspectives.