Mirland – “Mechanic” album review


The Danish artist John R. Mirland, better known as Mirland released his third full length album Mechanic this year. Even if this is your first encounter with Mirland it will soon be obvious to you that this artist presents his own vision of electronic music. The sound he creates is dark and ambiental, rather minimalistic as he flirts with various electronic music genres to create unique soundscapes. The album starts with “Nebula”, an atmospheric, darkly painted a1239245018_10ambiental piece. Mirland finds inspiration in his love for science fiction and unknown spaces of the universe. His music sounds exactly like that; the sounds echo in the vastness of the unexplored void around our planet. You can really take off together with Mirland to a voyage around Earth and farther. He implements hard beats and bass, which create the minimal techno or even drum and bass and trance-like atmosphere in songs like “Blind”, “Skullsplitter”, “Puppet” and “Mongrel”. However, the overall sound of Mechanic remains the closest to the minimal techno expression which is the most prominent on “Elite”. While “Dominance” finds its inspiration in ambient and dub, “God Object” can be described as an experimental ambient number. “Red Giant” is stripped down to the basic sounds which makes it even more minimalistic and an utterly ambiental piece; the gaze into the vast spaces of the cosmos. However, one track with vocals made it to this release. The groovy dub sound of “Mechanic”combined with Claus Larsen’s harsh voice makes me want to listen to the track on repeat. The seductive trip dub and ghostlike vocals create a specific atmosphere; somewhat heavy and mysterious but soothing at the same time.

With this release, Mirland, who is impressed by soundtracks, offers you a soundtrack to your own sci-fi film. If you ever thought techno subgenres were dull or dead, Mirland proves different. He finds the way to make the genres alive, fresh and relevant by cleverly combining his musical influences to create something brand new. He surely made me fall in love with this experimental piece which sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

The track “Elite” is accompanied by an art house music video directed by the adult actress and director Ingrid Mouth.