MONICA JEFFRIES – Into Temptation (Album Review)

As a dedicated mus300x300ic fan, I really respect musicians who do everything on their own. You know, no marketing tricks, just convincing the public with your talent and not using manufactured promo talk we read too much these days. Because yes, everybody thinks he’s brilliant nowadays. Even if that’s everybody’s right to do so, we can only quote Ian Curtis: where will it end?

Monica Jeffries is different though. She needed just two years before she became a name in the dark underground scene (mainly by playing as support act for popular bands like DAF, Project Pitchfork and Front Line Assembly). It might seems like she did it faster than light: it’s all deserved.

Earlier Monica released some EP’s. Into Temptation is her debut on Trisol: twelve up beat songs with a touch of dark wave and electro clash.

All the tunes have two factors in common: the beats never stop and each song contains an irresistible pop which can be best described as dark pop. So you dance, you will be seduced by the poppy character of the tune, but all songs are made with lyrics that fits the dark scene perfect.
At the end of the album Monica covers a tune by Absolute Body Control (Surrender No Resistance) and that perfectly sums up what Monica stands for: the spirit of her music is somewhere in the 80s, but she uses a contemporary sound that will charm lots of people.

The album features the great single In Circles, but most of the tunes could serve as a single. The songs are dominated by Monica’s intriguing (quite apart) voice, while the synthetic music is a nice blend of EBM, synth pop and industrial. This artist who is born in Lodz knows very well what’s she doing on this album, and with a bit of luck (you always need that, no matter who you are) tracks like Old Demons or Window Of Hope will be dance floor killers in the alternative scene.

Anyway, AltVenger is convinced: this woman belongs to the current top of the dark electro scene!