Mortiis – “The Great Corrupter” album review


On 21 April Mortiis released under the name of The Great Corrupter a collection of previously unreleased tracks together with reworked versions of songs from the last year’s The Great Deceiver album. Mortiis has gathered some of the best known names from various genres to remix his songs, such as Die Krupps, John Fryer, Godflesh, Apoptygma Berzerk, Raison d’être, PIG, Chris Vrenna and many more. The previously unreleased material comes from the original recording sessions with Chris Vrenna.

17097832_10154732422954442_6596193110025896008_oIt was interesting to hear how some of the The Great Deceiver songs would sound like when interpreted by other artists. The album starts with a somewhat slower, down tempo, but nevertheless powerful and raw version of “The Great Leap” by Godflesh. Die Krupps reworked “Doppelganger” and transformed this industrial-metal crossover track into more electronic and danceable number with a very recognizable Die Krupps signature. “Too Little Too Late” got a completely new dimension in the hands of PIG. It didn’t feel to me like I was listening to a remix, but rather to a brand new song built from the sketches of Mortiis’ track. Apoptygma Berzerk took the melodic “Sins of Mine” and shaped it into a perfect catchy and dancy synth-pop hit. In John Fryer’s hands “Feed the Greed” became “The Seed of Greed”. The track became a pumped up, rhythmic, pulsating trance-like version. Another astonishing remix comes from Rhys Fulber. “Hard to Believe” can be recognized by its catchy chorus. However, the track has been reworked into electronic music, vibrating and dancy material characterized by the atmospheric synth soundscapes. Brilliant work by Rhys.

The album contains studio mixes of “The Shining Lamp of God”, “Demons are Back”, “The Ugly Truth”, “Doppelganger” and “The Great Deceiver” by Chris Vrenna, as well as the remixes of these tracks by various artists.

Technomancer Feat. Angst Pop presented a very interesting remix of “Demons are Back”. This version reveals a softer vision of the track. The remix toned down the harsh nature of the song by converting it into a more electronic and synth-pop version.

Wumpscut was in charge of covering “Doppelganger”. It was nice to discover how this track sounds in his interpretation after hearing the Die Krupps remix of the same song. While Wumpscut relied on the electronic feel, just like Die Krupps, he made it darker and more obscure.

The Great Corrupter is available in digital, CD and vinyl format. Each format comes with its own art package and collectible artwork. The vinyl is limited to 500 copies in five different colours (100 copies each). The CD edition is an eight-panel, DVD sized Digipack containing a 24-page booklet of exclusive photos. The two-CD set includes additional remixes and download cards for three previously unreleased uncensored videos. The deluxe version is also limited to 500 copies, after which the CD will be offered in a standard format.

This remix album is a real must have for all Mortiis fans, as well as fans of the industrial-electronic-metal genre. The original songs were remixed with much inspiration and dedication from all the artists who contributed to this outstanding release. If you admire any of the artists who came together with Mortiis to present this unique and memorable album, you will definitely like their visions of Mortiis’ songs on The Great Corrupter.

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