Mychael Ghost talks about Astari Nite


Astari Nite are a rising band from Miami. Formed in 2008, their blend of new-wave and post-punk is inspired by iconic acts like The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Placebo. As a consequence, Astari Nite offer a timeless combination of thoughtful lyricism, stirring vocals, and 80’s instrumentalism.

Victoria Fenbane caught up with lead vocalist Mychael Ghost, after Astari Nite had returned home from their debut UK tour with Das Ich. Mychael revealed the inspirations for the band, and exciting details of the upcoming new album, to be released in May 2018.

11) Is this the first time you have played in the UK? How did the tour go?

Mychael: Yes this was actually our first time performing in the UK. The tour was brilliant and I wish it didn’t have to end, unfortunately everything does and that is how memories are created.

2) Do you have any plans to play in Europe in 2018?

Mychael: It is very possible, will have to see what the future brings.

3) What do you want people that have not heard of Astari Nite to know about you?

Mychael: I often smile when I’m alone. I believe that black and grey are the brightest colors ever created and I think that “A Night Like This” by the Cure is the prettiest song ever created.

54) If someone was going to listen to just one Astari Nite song which one should they choose?

Mychael: The Witching Hour.

5) Your sound sometimes reminds me of British goth bands from the 90’s. Are you fans of any of those bands, or is it instead a consequence of similar influences?

Mychael: The bands that I am truly fascinated by have been around way before the 90s. Artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, David Bowie, Gary Numan and Bauhaus are what really brought my attention to this beautiful genre of music. In respect to the 90s, Placebo made me cry and I love them for that. I also found myself listening to Switchblade Symphony on repeat. Any bit of music I listen to, I always try to learn from it.

6) What are the non-musical inspirations for Astari Nite?

Mychael: The beauty of baking cupcakes with my best friend Brendan or crying from joy as he explains what fourth grade is like. Running madly around my home so my two puppies Frankenstein and Jasper can pretend to be dragons, or smiling and simply saying hello to the elderly women as she looks at me strangely as I enter the market. Imagination is inspiring.

27) How has Astari Nite’s music evolved from when you first began making music?

Mychael: Since the release of our first album (Stereo Waltz, 2014) shortly followed the Anonymous – EP, Until The End of the Moon- album and our current feature which is Dreams of Majesty – EP. Our songs in general gained more substance while my voice as many tend to say has matured. From what our critics add for the most part is that our songs continue to be featured on playlists, as well as many DJ’s taking a liking to our work. We are forever grateful for everything that our fans have made happen for Astari Nite. They are the ones that make dreams happen. We are just friends who write gloomy, sad songs.

8) Are you planning on releasing a new album in 2018? What can you tell me about it?

Mychael: Our new catalogue will be released early this summer. For the most part the new songs have been a bit of a mystery to many. I can tell you that the first single along with a music video will debut sometime this March and that track is called “Sunday Queen”. Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 is the producer we chose and it will all be available exclusively on Cleopatra Records.

4 39) To someone who lives in the UK there has been a lot of great ‘goth scene’ music coming out of the US in the past few years. From your experience has there been a surge in the US scene, or is this instead the influence of the internet making it easier to discover music?

Mychael: I believe that Goth / postpunk has and will forever have a desire to be listened to. This past several years have brought us beautiful music from artists such as Bestial Mouth, Drab Majesty, VOWWS, Cold Cave, Chelsea Wolfe, The Soft Moon, She Past Away and so many more musicians continue to get noticed as we speak. Social Media / Internet has a huge part to play in sharing music world-wide. I find it to be rather fascinating, it’s the world we live in that allows this type of freedom.

10) What music, besides your own, are you currently listening to?

Mychael: I am deeply into Mazzy Star, The Sundays, Bestial Mouths and Til Tuesday.

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