Nachtmahr, the electro dance band of L’Ame Immortelle singer Thomas Raine

r, surely likes some controversy. But then again, the Austrian musician loves girls in uniforms and composes electronic music with a message.

Nachtmahr ist zurück und ganz Europa tanzt!, Thomas sings on the opener Tanz Für Mich. It’s a track for the dance floor: very hard beats, the right rhythm and what a nice sing-along it is.

The electro dance party continues in Strenge Liebe: an irresistible chorus with the naughty words Wildes Mädchen, deine Seele wird heute nacht ein Teil von mir, on a tight EBM beat. What more do you want?

In Gegen Den Strom (the title says it), we hear Nachtmahr as a glitch. This is not only a band that wants to take you on the dance floor, it is a band that also has something to say!

In a song like Kampfbereit, you hear what a mature sound Nachtmahr has these days, this track makes it clear that the band belongs to the current top of the German electro scene.

Wir sind die Toten gives you some time to catch your breath, because in Stahlgewitter Nachtmahr wants you to march again, throwing your hands in the air and thinking that you’re the best in the world… at least for 4 minutes!

Burning Bridges is the only song in English: an attempt to conquer the
dance front of Europe? Sage ja! In Entfache dieses Feuer, distorted voices go hand in hand with melancholic synths and pounding beats, a track that comes close to Rainer’s first brainchild: L’Ame Immortelle.

You are tired? Well, too bad for you, because with Krieg und Frieden the beats are coming back… Dance till you drop!

Can we say it? Yes, we’re going to say it, but Tempus Fugit lets you forget your grief for the loss of Feindflug, because this song is at least as strong (in fact stronger!).

After fifty minutes, you’ve earned it: the final Unsterbliche Opfer which is a neo-folk song in Death In June-style. Yes! Kampfbereit is brilliant dance music, albeit with some controversy and irony, but what a record it is!

And for those who think a CD should be more than a plastic disc in a horrific case, there is good news, because Kampfbereit comes in a beautiful edition with a booklet with cute sexy pictures. Nachtmahr belongs to the top!