Nicole Sabouné – “Miman” album review


If this album was named as “The best goth to have come out of Sweden for ages” that might just be a bit of an understatement, as I can’t remember when I have heard such an emotional and truly dark album at all. So not only would I say Sweden, I would go globally here.
Miman is something you simply have to have on your playlist, as it is one truly amazing masterpiece, especially for those in search of something fresh and contemporary in a darkly painted music expression.


I cannot label this album as simply “gothic”; it will find its place with those in search of some deeper emotions within themselves, as it surely provokes those.
I was mesmerized by this release right from the start, and even though I have heard a fair amount of “goth” music, this one will surely sit on its own throne.
It flirts with gothic rock, dark wave, post punk, indie music; it is utterly melodic, melancholic, and not to forget about the magnificent vocals of Nicole!
The opening track “The Body” is really like a punch in the face, but at that moment, you don’t even mind the punch, as it is so heavy, so breath-taking, so awakening, like you have been asleep for so long, and Nicole wakes you up to tell you the story of your soul. It is like she knows you so well.
Even when Nicole is more quiet that great emotional impact lingers on; this we can witness on “Under Stars”. “Lifetime” is another one of my favourites on this album, where you can hear Nicole giving such an emotional vocal performance with an extraordinary melody and a chorus of great musical statement. Another breath has been taken away from me with “Rip This World” which I feel is a true hit piece of this release. It evokes some memories of Siouxsie Sioux but just for a moment, as Nicole gives us her true self all the way. One slower track to close the story of Miman is “Withdraw”. Relaying mainly on vocals, this song brings in almost a lullaby effect with a heartbeat like rhythm at times, which continues to echo in your soul for a long time after the track is over.