Oppenheimer Mk II – “Line of Sight” EP review


After the brilliant “The Presence of the Abnormal” album released in 2013, what can we expect from Oppenheimer Mk II? Well, just recently the lads have released “Line of Sight” EP containing 4 tracks. And this EP is offering some more electronic pleasure you just have to discover if you’ve missed these guys until now. For those already familiar with their work, they will hear the recognizable Oppenheimer Mk II minimal synth sound. As they maybe wouldn’t necessarily agree with my description, I will still give a label to their sound; being a bit coldish, minimalistic and exact, I would give their sound a minimal electro prefix.


“Line of Sight” is a catchy song with a solid chorus and intriguing lyrics. It is not a “must dance” track, but you will surely not forget it, as you can sing along with it almost right from the start, it has that hit quality. The guys decided to give us another version of “Action Man” in their “Plastic Fantasy Mix” that elevates the song up to real dance material, as the version is surely more poppy and dancy than the album version. A decision to turn this song into a dance hit was a welcome one. “You Won’t Disarm Me” just did. The song relies on a strong beat and bass line, it has a bit of an icy and dark feel to it, and you should definitely pay attention to the lyrics that add to the general tone of the song. Brilliant work and my personal highlight of the EP. As the last track there is “Secrets And Lies Mix” of “You Will Never Know”, a more soft and mellow version than what we’ve heard on “The Presence of the Abnormal”. A nice version that made a dance floor song into a slow dancer.



Track list:

1.Line of Sight 03:41

2.Action Man (Plastic Fantasy Mix) 03:24

3.You Won’t Disarm Me 04:41

4.You Will Never Know (Secrets And Lies mix) 05:09

released December 13, 2015

Originally released on 12″ vinyl on Falco Invernale Records (FIR008)
Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies

Artwork and layout by Nils-Petter Ekwall
Mastered By Ragnar

Oppenheimer MkII are:
Andy Oppenheimer: Lyrics & Vocals
Mahk Rumbae: Electronics & Arrangements