ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO – Vision: Libertine – The Hangman’s Triad’s (ALBUM REVIEW)

According to Tomas Pettersson, it is not a healthy attitude when to have too many expectations in life, simply because they usually end in sheer disappointment. Well, in the case of Ordo Equilibrio Rosarius, expectations exist, and how! The previous CD Songs 4 Hate And Devotion was the most accessible album and undoubtedly the finest. Vision: Libertine – The Hangman’s Triad’s is a new chapter in the 23-year career of the Swedish cult band, in which the recent sound is mixed with the old sound, or in another words: traditional neo-folk mixed with apocalyptic pop.

The band worked more than three years on this new album. Initially, Vision: Libertine-The Hangman’s Triad was designed as an EP, but because the ideas kept coming, Tomas had enough material to fill two albums. At the end of the day Vision: Libertine – The Hangman’s Triad became a double CD.

n-ordo-rosarius-equilibrio-2016-review-4671-1On the last album, Ordo Equilibrio Rosarius was nearly the perfect pop band, but the new one it’s something completely different. The music remains very beautiful and very accessible (although we wouldn’t recommend it for a romantic night out, on the other hand you never know), but all compositions are very dark and dominated by the tribal sounds that were typical of the old Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio sound. The band got the help of Sal-Ocin of Empusae, which you hear.

The band describes the sound on the CD as porn pop, glorifying nihilism with sex as the ultimate religion. Nice words, but how does it sound? Well, impressive. Vision: Libertine – The Hangman’s Triad is indeed a far cry from the previous album, and maybe it is the darkest production ever released on Out Of Line. Bold? Be sure of that. Sublime? Yes, that too!