PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF: Trabantenstadt (EP Review)

201007042207506160011Perhaps you’re not familiar with the name of  Patenbrigade Wolff, but in the alternative electro circuit this Berlin-based band is pure cult. Sven Wolff (in the 90s he was founding member of The Dust Of Basement) and Lance Murdock never hide their adoration for Kraftwerk, and you can hear that.

Just as with Metroland from Belgium or the UK-based Komputer, you don’t have to be a specialist to quickly discover the influences of the electronic art pioneers of Dusseldorf, and that goes from the lyrics (eins, zwei, drei four) to use of the typical vocoders.

And yet despite all this, Patenbrigade: Wolf has an own sound with danceable tracks that have a bit of a retro sound, but contemporary as well.

The Berliners who made a habit of wearing orange work suits as a stage outfit,headline-700-pw-2011 again succeeded in taking the listener on a supersonic adventure during eight tracks.

Just like so many electro acts Patenbrigade: Wolff loves to use Russian objects as its subject: a Tupolev-model, a satellite or a high-speed train from the communist era. But it’s the music, and especially the way how Sven and Lance do it, that impresses. A band you definitely should give a chance!