PIG – “Risen” album review


After the critically acclaimed remix album Swine & Punishment and Prey & Obey EP in 2017, PIG has just “risen” again. The new album Risen was released on 8 June on Metropolis Records in the CD and digital format and on Armalyte Industries as a limited edition vinyl. After the album launch event, which took place at The Black Heart in London on 9 June, it was time to slice this piece of delicious “pork”. The album starts with “The Chosen Few”. If you had risenattended the show, you would have indeed felt as the chosen one! While The Gospel sounded more rock ‘n roll inspired, Risen sounds more “synthetic”, while at the same time it preserves the distinguishable mix of synth and guitar driven melodies.

Raymond offers his views on human nature, drives, desires, inner demons and the world. While the world may seem chaotic and human nature complex, PIG delivers its messages with sharp precision: „Truth Is Sin” is the thread that unites the songs on this release.

PIG hits you with the heavy artillery. The truth has never been simpler, never more direct and in your face; there are no compromises. Raymond and his associates, Ben Christo, Z.Marr, En Esch, Tim Skold, Marc Heal, Phil Barry, Mark Thwaite, Anita Sylph and Emre Ramazanoglu, deliver a special treat to the industrial music fans.

The opener „The Chosen Few”, „Loud, Lawless & Lost” (did they play with Bowie’s „Fame” guitar part?), „Truth Is Sin” and „The Cult Of Chaos” are the tracks which will certainly catch your attention and make you play them on repeat. You can also find mixes of the previously released tracks like „Prey & Obey”, „The Revelation” and „Hard Machine”. You will need to find the rest for yourself and taste the mouth-watering dish which Raymond and his friends prepared for you. The truth has never tasted better!