PIG “Sex & Death” – EP review


The latest gospel from the Lord of Lard, aka Raymond Watts and <PIG>, starts off with menacing synths and snarled German lyrics over huge guitars, building up into Watts’ trademark frenzied vocal delivery from growl to howl. There’s a frenetic, reeling power to the title track that’s reminiscent of classic <PIG> like Prime Evil or Sinsation; it’s both unsettling and captivating. With an ominous choir in the bridge, Watts spits lines of debauchery and provocation full of religious symbolism: “Jesus I have sinned regardless/With the sick and slaves to darkness/Wooed by shepherds’ lamentations/And your faithless congregations.” It’s a riveting commentary on the power of religion and the duality of sex and death (“Sex/Death is all we know”)…or at the least, a perfect play on words from a true lyrical master.

Next up is the “Purity Mix” of an old favorite, “Situation” from the delightfully dirty Pigmata. <PIG> has a way of giving its fans exactly what they never knew they wanted, and this remix is no exception. The chorus knocks us off our feet with huge chugging guitars while the verses are sparse and minimal to center Watts’ vocals, accompanied by a gritty, bluesy piano. The effect is an even bigger dynamic range than the original. It feels tighter and punchier, yet still instantly recognizable.

As a KMFDM fan, I was thrilled to hear the dubbed-out dance floor remix of “The Wages Of Sin.” If you’ve longed for the unforgettable collaborations of <PIG> and KMFDM, this is it. And on its heels is the Front Line Assembly remix of “Confession”. Tight and rhythmic, it’s a hypnotic re-imagining of the original.

All in all, this EP packs quite the punch and is a testament to the versatility of Watts’ songwriting as it twists and turns stylistically. Especially if you missed out on the exclusive EPs Mobocracy and The Wages Of Sin, Sex & Death is an essential cut.

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