Reptilians From Andromeda – “Sonic Rabbit Hole” EP review


A new release from this alternative treat from Istanbul, Turkey named “Sonic Rabbit Hole” is a five track EP released on April the 5th 2016. It was surely interesting enough to listen to and write a few lines about. Even though I don’t really know much about the band itself and this is the first thing I hear from them, the EP caught my attention.

They draw their inspiration from alternative and garage rock, no wave and noise rock with even some post punk influence, and put them all together on a single release.


 The opening track “Psychic Girl” is no less than one ab fab you need to listen to more than once as it is so catchy that you will surely listen to it on repeat. I can somehow imagine Debbie Harry singing this one.

Their sound is not polished, so be prepared for the raw rock experience. But keep in mind their labels, as that is what you can expect from the next track “Jungle” and as the third track “We Are Who We Are” starts, you may want to say Sonic Youth maybe; they know how to play with their noise, that’s for sure! Even though I can’t really understand much of what she’s singing or better say yelling here, except the obvious title, I cannot escape the feeling of nihilism that no wave is about and that is coming from non-existing melodic pattern here; everything’s disassembling and in such a wonderful manner.

No wave meets post punk on “Like To The River To The Sea”, and once again, not much to focus on lyrically as this band is not about poetry, but the sound: raw, direct, defiant!

So check out “Sonic Rabbit Hole” EP, we highly recommend it!

Enjoy the video for “Psychic Girl”!