Things are looking bright for Saigon Blue Rain these days. You never heard oa2516581444_16f them before, you say? Well that can change soon, at least if you’re willing to dive in the band’s ocean of dark sounds that let you relive those old 4-AD days you miss every second. The band soon will go on tour with the Swiss dark wave band The Beauty Of Gemina, and that’s a perfect opportunity to present the new album Noire Psyché, which is (just like the previous album What I Don’t See) self-released.

The band defi
nitely will grin for saying, but that’s fate, as opener Fading Fantasies immediately reminds you of Cocteau Twins even if Ophelia doesn’t try one second to sound as Elizabeth Frazer. Saigon Blue Rain makes music that is created with dreampop guitars and ethereal vocals. You heard this before? Sure you did as their roots sound very familiar, but Saigon Blue Rain gives it a very own touch. They surely are not the only ones who makes music as such, but this Parisian band has the skills to compose songs that linger in your head, and that is what matters after all! Blame me, but a track like Whispering Eyes is created to sing the whole day, but then again I caught myself already singing X-Mal Deutschland-tunes while taking a shower, so there you go!

So, no longer mourn as they don’t make albums like Victorialand these days, you have Noire Psyché now!