n-secret-sight-day-night-life-2016-review-4742-1We can not say it enough, but the future of post-punk undoubtedly lies in Italy. After the steamrollers Schonwald Ash Code, now comes Secret Sight from Ancona.

Cristiano Poli, Lucio Cristino and Enrico Bartolini are clearly inspired by the current post-punk wave. Of course you hear echoes from the past (from Joy Division to Wire), but it is clear that the trio does not opt for a retro sound. Music must evolve and certainly not stand still.

Indeed, we could be silly and compare all eight tracks with a band that flows from our pen (from Interpol to early White Lies ), but we won’t, as even though these musicians have their idols, the songs and sound are strong enough and they carry their very own stamp.

You’ll find everything in it : melancholy, a voice sometimes full of envy and frustration.. Aaagh, just click the clips and you’ll understand why we are so wild about them!