She Past Away “Disko Anskiyete” – album review


I was told before listening to the album that the band were Turkish and sing in their native tongue. I’m so glad they do, because their emotions are easily translated through the music.

A great introduction to the album with a small instrumental track ‘Bosluk’ which I really enjoyed. Full of atmosphere and a taste of what’s to come. A perfect ‘intro’ track to an album.

There are some really great compositions here, with easy on the ear melodies. With a true gothic twang and wonderful deep vocals, you are swept into areas of nostalgic feel and modern Goth Rock. There’s a nice mixture of modern experimentation and standalone tracks; a really nice collective.

La Maldad’ is an example of a catchy tune with an exciting pace. It’s a nice track to get established with because it will resonate and has a clever signature tune. The title track ‘Disko Anskiyete’ has a wonderful intro and certainly a discothèque feel. It reminds me of ‘DAF’, maybe a nod to the Deutsch duo I’m sure. The final track ‘Agit’ has a slow tempo. Lovely guitar strings and wandering vocals. A song with real empathy.

You’ll not feel disappointed tapping into this dark, mysterious album with its meandering musical path taking you on a journey. It’s a carefully constructed album that shows signs of maturity and confidence. I like listening to my music loud and this album was a blast to listen to whilst driving along the motorway. It’s no surprise to see why this band is gaining attention.