She Past Away – interview


Although She Past Away come from Turkey, their dark-wave and post-punk sound resonates with the gothic audience all over the world. They already won our hearts with their first album Belirdi Gece, released in 2012. The band started playing more extensively in Europe and we soon had the opportunity to see them on stage. The second album Narin Yalnızlık was received with enthusiasm and the band continued putting out successful shows. In 2017 the band filled the main WGT’s concert hall Agra, which confirmed their popularity. Even though the band has a very tight schedule, they kindly agreed to our interview.

Belirdi-Gece-Cover-11. She Past Away have been active for over a decade. However, the first full length album was released in 2012. Can you tell us how Belirdi Gece was made? How did you compile ten amazing numbers on the debut album?

Doruk: Belirdi Gece is compiled from Volkan’s work between 2006-2010. We met in 2009 when I had a recording studio and She Past Away was there for the production of the debut E.P. “Kasvetli Kutlama”.
After the release we recorded more songs which lead to the album “Belirdi Gece”.

Narin-Yalnizlik-Cover2. Many songs on Belirdi Gece and Narin Yalnızlık are perfect dark-wave dance floor hits and are played in clubs regularly. Did you ever think, when you were making them, that the band would gain so much recognition and success?

Doruk: We had absolutely no idea where it would go, neither did we set on the road for any purpose other than just getting these songs out there. While we were very happy with the feedback since the beginning, we didn’t imagine they would become dancefloor classics.

3. Did you think it would be possible to reach the whole globe singing in Turkish?

Doruk: Well, I don’t know about that, but it seems we reach places where post-punk and wave music are still happening.

pic by Marija Buljeta-24. I saw you last time in London in September, 2017 with Lebanon Hanover and a local act, Mechanical Cabaret. The Garage was sold out days in advance. How was it to play for the sold out venue in this amazing city?

Doruk: It was just amazing. Very enthusiastic audience who were careful listeners and big supporters. Great night for contemporary wave music.

5. We’ll see you in London again on 26 April at Fabrika Records festival at O2 Academy Islington, with Lebanon Hanover and Selofan. Are you preparing something special for this exceptional event, which will celebrate your collaboration with Fabrika Records?

Doruk: You never know 🙂 Well at least it is going to be a rarity night. We did the same line-up once before in Istanbul and will do it once more in Barcelona after London. So for the enthusiasts, it is a night not to miss.

6. Your tour dates list for 2018 is already busy. How do you divide time between playing live and writing / recording new material?

Doruk: Yeah, that’s a common problem for touring artists. This year we had to postpone some gigs to 2019 just to make some time to be able to concentrate. Last 3 years we spent a lot of time on the road. It’s hard to build concentration and set moods when your time is interrupted by tours that are too close together.

pic by Jonas-Fransson_17. What is the greatest reward for you as artists?

Doruk: Appreciation. Feedback from people who have us in their life. Such a good feeling when we see that we actually bring a mood or colour into their life.

8. Western European music influences are undoubtedly present in your work. Did alternative /gothic scene exist in Turkey when you were teenagers? Does it exist now?

Doruk: Sure there was an alternative scene. And still is. Can’t say that it is strong, speaking comparatively. As far as gothic scene is concerned, there have never been one.

pic by Jonas-Fransson_29. Neither of you live in Turkey anymore. Doruk, you live in Greece, and Volkan lives in Spain, if I’m not mistaken. Do you think working long distance will affect your future work in any way?

Doruk: You’re right. No, it won’t affect, we work over the net. Even in Istanbul we worked online because we lived on the opposite ends of the city.

10. During the past few years you travelled a lot. Is there a place, except your home country, that you got attached to more during the time?

Doruk: We usually just pass through places on the tours. We can rarely make time and find energy to see and know about a place. So honestly we have never started a relationship with any particular place 🙂
But admiration is always there. We try to learn as much as possible about the life there.

pic by Steve Sonntag-211. You played at the Agra hall at WGT 2017. How was that experience?

Doruk: Fantastic. Big audience filling up the entire hangar. Such a big party.

12. You play festivals and solo shows. What do you prefer more, festivals with bigger crowd, or smaller, but more intimate shows?

Doruk: Both really. They’re different experiences and they are enjoyable in different ways.

13. While most emerging bands in the genre struggle to succeed, She Past Away made it. Is there an advice you would give to others?

Doruk: Just make the music that you love.

pic by Steve Sonntag14. You also made a few videos. How much do you think the visual aspect is important regarding making videos, album cover art or visual presentation on stage?

Doruk: It is very important. We struggle a lot on these matters.

15. Narin Yalnızlık picked up where Belirdi Gece left off; it’s a collection of melodically rich and dancy numbers wrapped in the dark wave – post punkish atmosphere. What can we expect from the new material?

Doruk: More of the same I suppose 🙂

16. We are very much looking forward to hearing your new work. When do you plan to release the next album?

Doruk: I am hoping in 2018.